The easy, fast and effective way to sell SEO in your brand.

Introducing GoRank your search engine optimisation software and services, whitelabelled to allow you to scale.

Strengthen your business with solid a solid SEO platform

Did you know that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

The only entry level whitelabel SEO tool available

Empower your customers with the force of SEO. Demand for search engine optimisation has just reached an all time high and the market is now worth over $60billion globally. Take your slice of that market and resell our entry level SEO tool to your customers.

We have over 60k happy customers around the globe.

Powered by big data, automation and 10 years of SEO knowledge

Our software analyses issues and offers an automated fix to your clients SEO problems, if a fix is not available on your customers CMS then it can be simply emailed with a click to whoever can fix it manually.

We’ve automated some of the most time consuming and manual issues so your customers will benefit from an increase online visibility within weeks.

High profit margins, high retention

Our fixed price white label SEO solutions cost as little as £1.75 per user, per month.

Our partners typically resell our solution for £3.99-£6.99 per account per month.

No messy payment integrations required, we simply measure how many active users you have on the platform each month and send you an invoice for every active user.

We are so confident your customers will love GoRank we offer them 30 days free.

Why Partner with GoRank?


Your customers want SEO

For your SMB, finding new customers is a top priority. Now, more than ever, small businesses are looking to spend on the SEO solution that gives them an edge over the competition.

Improving SEO puts you where your customers are, giving you the targeted exposure you need to grow your business.

16% of SMBs have started purchasing SEO services on an app or website and then abandoned the process, even though intent to purchase is high. So what makes GoRank different?


We understand you and your users

At GoRank, our SEO tools are made-to-bundle. When you want a high attach rate, we deliver. 

Our Whitelabel SEO makes it easy to integrate our tools with your brand to increase your value. And our deep knowledge of the SMB SaaS market and the hosting industry delivers excellent results. We let you focus on scale while we focus on software and services.


You can do more than SEO

With our Whitelabel SEO solutions, you can do so much more.

  • Track competitors
  • Monitor rankings
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Savings tracker
  • Backlink analysis
  • Weekly page experience website audit
  • Security alerts
  • Automated indexing
  • XML sitemap creation & submission

It's a low-cost solution

Our business model directly integrates with our clients. From only £1.75 per active user per month. No limit to volume of websites which can be added.

Our customers include international:

  • Agencies
  • Telcos
  • Domain registrars
  • Hosting companies

Even if you have no tech department, you can start selling and scaling SEO under your branding. 

Our scalable solutions

Whitelabel SEO

When you partner with us, we’ll brand your SEO solutions so you can offer your clients the tools they want under your own label.

As your customers get more sophisticated, they expect you to be able to meet all their needs. With our scalable solutions, you can ensure your users are constantly working with highly experienced professionals.

That keeps things simple for you and delivers exceptional communication for your clients across a range of services. And whether you have a handful of clients or thousands, our fully scalable solutions mean that all you need to worry about is billing your clients every month.

SEO reselling

We’ve helped thousands of resellers around the world to earn recurring revenues from existing customers. If you’re looking to start that new career in SEO, then GoRank has the solutions to make it happen.

  • We can easily add your own label branding to create a consistent client experience.
  • You can host the GoRank app on your website for seamless integration.
  • Add value for your client and increase your profit margins.
  • Easily setup within weeks with little development resource required

Task automation

Our intelligent algorithms automatically prioritise the most critical tasks to complete each month.

We’ve gathered data on the most effective changes and time to task completion. Our platform can automate the most time-consuming tasks so you can focus on scaling up while our systems do the work.

Lead generation

If your business is looking to scale, you need to break through the time barrier. Your sales team can use GoRank as a lead magnet to passively generate leads as soon as you sign up.

Our SEO white label solutions let you do so much more:

  • Monitor who’s running free audits
  • Send out proposals
  • Generate built-in payment options

How GoRank brings it all together


Proven partnership model

Your customers are looking for high-quality SEO solutions. You’re looking to expand your monthly revenue. At GoRank, we help you put it all together.

We offer simple revenue integration with a fixed price model that lets you maximise your bottom line. Pay just £1.75 per user per month and then charge what you want on top.

Our SEO tools are made-to-bundle, and we’ll completely customise your solution with the branding that’s right for you.


Great for hosters

Create a seamless Whitelabel solution for the user, and you’ll strengthen your brand.

Increase the value of your hosting packages with a high-quality SEO solution under your own label that’s easy to use and adds value for your customers.


Business opportunities

Increase average revenue per user and decrease churn with our range of simple and highly scalable Whitelabel SEO tools that let you upsell however you want.

Helping SMBs to improve their SEO powers real-time results. That means you’re improving vendor lock-in and getting increased customer satisfaction with every successful Whitelabel solution.


Strategies that work

We have the experience to know exactly what strategies will work for your customers. That’s why we can deliver the perfect Whitelabel package for your user base.

In tough times, we’re much more than a vendor. We’re your ally when you want to sustainably grow your revenue with our Whitelabel, bundle and upsell solutions.


Simple integration

Our flexible and easy to use platform lets you learn DIY SEO with our great range of options, handle reporting with ease, and so much more.

With full branding customisation through free whitelabeling, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Whether you need products for different verticals or marketing strategies, our built-to-bundle tools are tailor-made for the job.

Want to know more? Contact us to request your live demo or partner with GoRank today and see what you can achieve with our Whitelabel SEO services.

Free to setup and
easy to configure

It takes less than two minutes to sign up for your free account with GoRank. Which means you’re just two minutes away from a Whitelabel SEO solution that’s free to set up and easy to configure.

With easy to use reports and our great DIY SEO tools to help you engage and learn, GoRank has you covered.

Affordable and easy
to understand

If you’re looking for an affordable solution that’s easy to understand, you need GoRank. 

We’ve put together a set of made-to-bundle tools that you can brand however you want. You won’t need to know SEO to get started – either learn as you go or use our autofixes to solve issues automatically.

Custom branding,
domains and emails

GoRank is the perfect all-in-one solution for hosters, agencies, domain registrars and more. Get your own custom branding domain and email for a fully integrated solution that will add value for your clients and boost your profit margins.

Why work with a range of different SEO providers when GoRank has everything you need in one place?

Jargon free support and

Whether you’re a reseller looking to earn recurring revenue from existing customers or you’re starting a new career in SEO, you need support and advice that’s jargon-free.

We’re committed to making our SEO solutions and services as simple to use as possible with DIY options to get you up to speed fast.

Retain and grow customers
easier with automation

Customers stay loyal and become brand ambassadors when you provide an automated SEO solution. Our platform automates the most time-consuming and manual issues to deliver greater client value while boosting your profit margins.

With Fix It For Me autofixes, flawless SEO is as easy as logging on. Specific tasks are also integrated with your CMS, making our autofix solutions easy to use.

Priced at only £1.75 per user
per month

Want great SEO services and solutions for just £1.75 per user per month? 

Then take two minutes to set up your GoRank account. It’s the easy, fast and effective way to start selling SEO in your brand with our Whitelabel services and solutions today.

Seeing an increased demand from your customers for SEO tools?

Work with GoRank to offer them a service under your own label.

What our clients are saying about us and how we’re helping them

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